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Many times I get the question from my readers, what do you think of xyz dating site? There is thousands of dating sites out there, some made for finding sex, some made for finding a relationship.  You can find a dating site for just about anything now days. One of the more popular websites I get questions about is NoStringsAttached. NoStringsAttached presents its website as a place for people looking for relationships with, well “No Strings Attached”, the name pretty much says it all. The website was created for people looking to cheat on their lover or spouse or find a strictly sex based relationship. was launched in 2010 and is a United States based company. Most of the readers we get asking questions about the site are simply asking, is this a legitimate website that I can meet woman or men on? Are there actually people on No Stings Attached looking for sex with strangers? According to the website there is roughly 20,000 new members signing up a week and over 3m existing members already on the website. I figured the easiest way to find out the answer to this was to sing up and see for ourselves. Below is my experience with aka No Strings Attached.

How to Meet People on No Strings Attached

You can sign up and browse profiles on the website for free. Immediately upon signing up you will find thousands of profiles of people in your area looking for sex. The site will get some basic information from you, including what type of relationship, or encounter you’re looking for, i.e. a short term relationship or just causal encounters. Since the point of this was to see if I could find some sexual partners in my area, I signed up for virtual encounters. At this point the site will ask for a small monthly fee to start interacting with other users. Since I am doing a review of the site for others I paid the fee and signed up.

My Personal Experience on NoStringsAttached

Initially I was a bit hesitant, can I really pay $8.99 and find a sexual partner? My hesitations grew when I didn’t initially get a bunch of responses. Granted I didn’t have a profile picture or any information, so I updated my page with a picture and some generic information to give the website a fair shot. The next morning my email box was almost full of messages from woman looking for secret sexual relationships. Granted not all of them were to my standards, but I was amazed that woman actually were on this site looking for sexual encounters. I started browsing the girls profiles and narrowing down the ones that looked interesting to me.

My first day on No Strings Attached I sent out 10 messages to girls I found sexy. Within a day or so 5 of these woman had replied to me asking if I wanted to set up a web cam to chat and get to know each other. At this point my hesitations about the website started to diminish, I started feeling like this could be a legitimate opportunity to meet woman.

The Webcam Experience

Who is going to say no to setting up a web cam with a beautiful woman right? Day 3 on No Strings Attached I find myself sitting at home talking with 2 of the 10 woman I had initially contacted. I am a very skeptical person, so for me this is unreal. One of the two woman is married and just looking to have secret sexual experiences via webcam. She is not located in my state, but wants to have cyber-sex and looking for a cyber sex partner. Why not? I take the bait on this and we get into some pretty crazy experiences via webcam. Maybe it’s just me, but the fact that she is married and we have to schedule secret times to meet made the entire experience very exciting. After a few months this relationship slowly faded off, but we still maintain contact and this alone was well worth the $8.99.

What about the other girl who responded?

Meeting the real girl on NoStringsAttached

So did I meet the other girl? I will be honest my relationship with the initial other girl in my area faded after a few web cam experiences. I had some web cam fun with her, but we never ended up actually meeting in person. Over the next few days and I weeks I continued to browse the site and contact woman and had woman contact me. I ended up meeting 3 girls in person 2 of which I had sexual relations with. The whole experience took me about 1 month to find 2 local girls looking for sex.
I remain active on the website to this day and find it one of the better dating sites I have tested. You can quickly find girls (or men if that is what you are looking for) looking for secret sexual relationships online and you can also find woman in your area looking for sexual encounters, which was most appealing to me.

Pros & Cons


  • Lots of people looking for sexual relationships
  • Anonymous browsing
  • Local and non local people looking for partners
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • It works


  • Lots of married woman looking for just sex
  • A small fee
  • Overall I am giving the website a 9 out of 10 rating.

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