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Asia FriendFinder Review

Review of Asia FriendFinder for Meeting Asian Girls

The absolute best way to meet single Asian girls would obviously be to meet them personally in your local area. Unfortunately this is not always possible especially if there aren’t too many Asian girls in your area.
Asia FriendFinder

Thanks to a multitude of Asian dating sites it is now possible to hook up with as many Asian girls as you want. These sites boast thousands of wonderful and sexy Asian girls just waiting to meet you.

Asian girls, especially the hot ones, are commonly admired for their femininity. They are raised in a culture where they are taught from a very early age the importance of taking care of and pleasing their men and being good mothers to their children. As such, Asian women tend to be graceful and respectful of the men they love. Of course with the advent of the internet there are now many Asian girls taking advantage of the growing interest in their culture and are downright hustling men for money more than love. So while there are benefits to looking on the web for Asian girls to date, you have to be cautious.  

If you are ready to delve into everything Asian, well at least the girls, the best place to start is Asia FriendFinder but before we actually extol the virtues of this site here are some tips for communicating with single Asian girls.

How To Meet Asian Girls with Asia FriendFinder

Asian Girls

Below you’ll find some Dos & Donts for Scoring an Asian chick on AsianFriendFinder.

Asia FriendFinder Dos:

Understand that Asia is a broad term: Asian women comprise of girls from China, Thailand, Japan, Philippines or any of the other 30 plus countries in Asia. Each country has a different culture so take note and ask the girl what part of Asia she is from.

Pursue with caution: Although there are some Asian women who are quite bold the majority of them are usually shy. This shyness is only a result of the way they are raised. This is why you must not be too intense in your pursuit since you can turn her off. Do not initiate talk of romance or make sexually suggestive comments before getting to know who she really is. Of course if she initiates this type of conversation that is another story but still be cautious as she may be a hustler looking to get money out of you.

Ask about her family: Family is very important to Asian women and the opinions of her family will matter if you want to pursue a serious relationship. Being family oriented will improve your chances of success especially if the family is not inclined towards outsiders.

Show respect: It is important to respect all women but it is especially important if you hope to meet Asian women online. If you’re looking for something serious and plan to pursue a respectable Asian woman expect that she will not be willing to sleep with someone she just met.

Be attentive: Asian women will be attentive to your needs so you need to return the favor and do the same. Ask her about her culture, favorite foods, family and daily activities to show her you care.

Some Asia FriendFinder Donts


Be a racist: Saying things on your profile like that you love to date Asian girls, or that you have an Asian fetish or yellow fever will be presumed as racist comments so don’t do this.

Assume that all Asian girls are submissive: Some Asian women are only submissive until they get comfortable with you. Don’t assume that they will all be submissive as you see on television.

Be indecisive: Asian girls like men who are strong, masculine and who know what they want. These characteristics are a perfect complement to their femininity so be a man and make up your mind.

How to Find the Right Asian Girl on

Meet Asian Girls

With Asia FriendFinder you can find Asian girls anywhere in the world. The site boasts nearly four million members so you are sure to meet an Asian girl who would be just right for you. The site supports other character sets apart from English. So Chinese, Japanese, Thai and other characters are also supported. Because of this, Asian girls that otherwise wouldn’t register for the site can join and communicate freely with men. As a result there are more Asian Girls on Asia FriendFinder than any other dating website that caters to Asian singles. If you’re just looking to date Asian chics casually that is okay since there are several options for relationship needs including romance, long-term, friendship or casual dating.

Another nice feature of Asia FriendFinder is, unlike similar Asian dating sites, it gives you options to explore the features of the site for free before you sign up for a paid subscription. Speaking about features of the site here are just a few listed below.

  • Asia FriendFinder offers a questionnaire that allows you to discover your personality type. Although it can seem time consuming to fill out it helps to speed up the process of finding someone most compatible with your personality.
  • View full photos and profiles of hot asian girls that are members as soon as you upgrade your free subscription to a paid one.
  • The Hotlist tool makes it easy to keep a record of all the people that you are possibly interested in communicating with by saving them to your Hotlist for easy access and organization. These can later be removed if you change your mind.
  • Every imaginable tool for communication is available on Asia FriendFinder. You can text, instant message, chat, upload videos or use your webcam for chatting with Asian girls. The type of communication tools available also depends on your membership type.
  • Many search options to make finding the right girl as simple and as easy as possible. More advanced options for search such as personality type and physical attributes are only available to paying members. Paying members can also save their searches for future reference.
  • The ConfirmID feature on the site will give you the assurance that you are indeed speaking with a real person on the other end that has been validated by the site.

Asia FriendFinder is truly a community oriented site offering free members the opportunity to upgrade their membership for free by playing a few games. Their monthly Relationship magazine features contributions for various members and messages boards allow members to relate based on mutual interests.

Asia FriendFinder offers a free option under standard membership but there are some limitations to use. You can upgrade to Silver or Gold membership by paying $14.88 or $18.88 per month respectively. There are discounted rates for quarterly or annual membership. To find Asian girls online there is no better place to go.

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