Ashley Madison Review

How to Meet a Girl on Ashley Madison

“Life is short, have an affair” – That’s right, for those of you that don’t know, this is the actual slogan of the Ashley Madison site! Half of you probably just rolled your eyes in disgust and the other half of you probably etched closer to your screen so as to not miss any details. It’s true, it’s not a message that everyone everywhere will love but you can’t argue that they aren’t filling a need and you certainly can’t argue with their results! Unlike traditional online dating sites that are geared towards you finding your one ideal partner, Ashley Madison is targeted towards like minded people who are actively seeking out discrete affairs.
Whilst you may not agree with the idea of cheating on your spouse you have got to give these guys credit for being so up front about what they do. In my experience with other dating sites, if someone is only lying about their marital status then that is half a victory because the rest lie about everything!

Ashley Madison Reviews

Since it’s launch in 2001 Ashley Madison has met its critics (Even its TV Ad’s were banned from super bowl XLIII) but that hasn’t stopped their member base from continually growing, AshleyMadison now claims to have over 10million members! The site currently receives around 700,000 unique visitors per month! This massive member base and large number of visitors should be enough reason to spur you into joining!

Ashley Madison Review

So how does it work?


Like most successful dating sites is a mixture of a pay site and a free site. As a non paying member you can still respond to paying members emails, send and receive winks and photos but if you want to initiate proper contact (and ultimately succeed) you will need to upgrade to a paid membership.

The site was primarily focused on the US, Canada and Ireland geographical regions but the site has now expanded to also cover regions like Australia, Great Britain and Spain.

What kind of prices are we talking about here?

As of March 2012 there are 3 types of membership packages you can choose from:

Introductory package –$ 49.00
Elite package – $149.00
Affair Guarantee package – $249.00

Instinctively we look for the cheapest package but I would actually urge you to consider the “affair guarantee package” if you are serious about your success. I know this may seem like a lot of money to meet a girl on Ashley Madison but with this price not only is your discretion increased but you are also guaranteed to get an affair in three months or you will get your money back! None of the other packages come close to offering this much value so you might end up saving yourself some money by taking the plunge right away.

I’m Single, is Ashley Madison for me?

In general if you are a single man looking to find a Married woman I would probably suggest finding another website. Whilst there are search options for single men looking for women, AshleyMadison is more aimed towards married people for other married people, which may make your chances of success a bit tougher. As far as I can tell this is because single people have less to lose and this can skew the need for discretion. If you are single though and you do want to meet a married women Ashley Madison will work, but it is more dependent on your determination.

How do I get started?

Ashley Madison Advice

If you have already heard enough about them then you can straight away sign up here. We won’t go into these boring details; you know how to create a username and password!

Once you are registered it is time to customize your profile. Because of the nature of the site a lot of people will choose not to share a picture on the main site but you may opt to create a “private showcase” which requires an invitation before members can see your pics. Because these images are private it really is up to you how much you want to share!

Whilst the initial sign up is really simple you also have the option of revealing much more information about yourself on your profile. Depending on the type of relationship you are seeking you might be tempted to fill in the blanks such as your perfect partner details and even your “intimate” interests!

What’s the best approach to meeting a girl on Ashley Madison?

At the end of the day any dating (online or off) is a bit of a numbers game.

Chatting to 3 girls will probably not yield you any results but chatting to 30 greatly increases your chances. Apart from making an effort to connect with many women here are some key tips to help you meet a girl on Ashley Madison.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get a reply – I know I just said this but I want to re-iterate that online dating is a numbers game! You very well may write to 30 women before you even get 1 reply back. The important thing is to not get discouraged by a lack of response and just remember the numbers rule!

What does your profile say about you? – Before most women will even open a new personal message they will check out your profile. If they don’t like what they read or see they won’t even open your message! Consider these profile points before losing hope:

  • Is your display picture flattering (if you use one)? Did you get your good side? Women aren’t quite as shallow as us when it comes to looks but you will need to look at least half decent in your display picture! Depending on the type of relationship you are looking for you could also include pictures that display your love of the outdoors or of you playing sport!
  • Have you got a greeting that stands out from the rest? The trick seems to be finding a nice mixture of showing your personality but also being a little suggestive. Let’s face it, the main reason people are on this site is because their own relationships are lacking a little in the bedroom so you can play to this strength but don’t go too overboard.
  • Be straight up about your limits – It’s no good chasing girls for catch ups if they have their limits set to “cyber affairs”. In general it is best to pursue women who have set the same limits as yourself!

Check out the tips and advice section – Ashley Madison has a very large section with advice and help in regards to casual and intimate encounters. There is some really good stuff in here, make sure you check it out!

Be careful with your credits – Before you sign up and start using your credits like a mad man make sure you have your head on straight! In general you will only want to message girls that have been online in the last 30 days and that are in your area. If you are emailed from other members make sure they seem like real, genuine people! If they sound too good to be true it may very well be someone taking advantage of you and before you know it all of your credits are gone!

Are there any cool features?

meet a girl on ashley madison

Apart from a pretty cool and specific search engine system Ashley Madison also has some other fantastic features such as:

  • Priority mail – Where your message can be bumped to the top of the receiver’s inbox.
  • You can receive notifications when your message is opened.
  • Private image showcase – Keep your images private to only those you give the key to.
  • A Panic button – If your spouse walks into the room you can even click a panic button (if you are quick enough) and you will be redirected to a movie trailer or some other non threatening site.

If you are serious about meeting a girl in relationship then Ashley Madison is honestly your best bet. No other website (or real life place for that matter) has the member base or functionalities to even come close to competing with the results has been able to give! Create your account now!

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