How to Find Girls on Facebook

How To Pick Up Girls On Facebook

The internet is a great place to find love and sex and I’m not the only one saying it. A recent study revealed that almost 40% of single people have a profile on an internet dating site. As much as 17% of online daters admitted to finding their long term love online. and other leading dating sites boast millions of paying members and this billion dollar industry is showing no signs of slowing down.

Find Girls on Facebook

The bottom line is that you can indeed find the girl of your dreams or even find girls to have sex with online but if you’re unwilling to pay membership fees on a major site you can still use sites like Facebook to pick up girls. Why Facebook? We’ll we all know sites like and make it easy to find a girl or sexual partner, but what makes Facebook a good place to find a girl? Think about it for a moment. Facebook has over 750 million registered and active users. Just about every girl that you would ever want to meet would have a profile on Facebook. Apart from that Facebook is also free and of course there are a lot of advantages to free. Without further ado let’s delve into this guide on how to pick up girls on Facebook. I must mention that the guide assumes that you already have an active account and at least a few friends on that profile.

Find Girls on Facebook

Your Profile: Getting It Right

The goal of your profile is to bring attention to your best qualities while making light of the not so good ones. You should not have anything on your profile that would potentially turn a woman off. Here are some do’s and don’ts for your profile.

Facebook Profile Pic












Use cheesy lines or crude jokes. Women find these distasteful and while some men do get away with these in the club they will not work online.

Tell lies. The truth of the matter is that verifying the information that you place on your profile is easier than you think so always be truthful.

Don’t include your relationship status. It adds a bit of mystery to your profile. If a girl is interested she’ll ask and you’ll immediately know that she’s showing interest when she does.

Be obvious. It’s true that you’re looking to pick up girls on Facebook but you don’t need to make that obvious to everyone. Keep your phone number and intentions off your profile.


Accurately represent yourself. Any pictures that you use as profile pictures should be current. Do not use pictures to represent yourself as you looked ten years ago or when you were 20 pounds lighter.

Provide information about yourself in the about tab. Be real and include things that are interesting and unique. Remember that the type of information that you include will determine the type of women you attract.

Remove any pictures that are incriminating. Did your friends tag in photos where you look like a player? Remove excessive pictures of other females from your albums unless they are family that you have identified in the description.

Clean up your friend list if all you have are half naked female friends. This is self explanatory. Make sure your friend list has more reputable than suspect friends.

Post pictures of yourself that show you doing what you love most. Pictures of you enjoying a hobby, hanging with family or at work are all great ideas.

Finding a girl for sex or a date on Facebook can be easy, but you need to make sure you have a good profile picture and good pictures that represent who you really are.

Finding The Girl and Reaching Out

Facebook Friend Finder

Chances are you already have an idea of the girl that you want to meet on Facebook. It might be the girl who works in your building or the cashier at the supermarket. Or perhaps you have no one in mind and just need to know how to pick up girls on Facebook because you’re flat out tired of not scoring at the local clubs. Whatever your situation you need to find a way to reach out and make contact. Here are some do’s and don’ts for getting it right.


Send Friend Requests randomly. Improve your chances of having your request accepted by first “friending” one of her friends. This way she’ll see that you have a few friends in common and will be more likely to accept your request.

Be forward. Don’t jump the gun by sending her a message right away and definitely do not ask for her phone number right away. Sure you’re trying to “pick up” but this should not be the first thing on your agenda.

Be a jerk. It’s tacky to try to “hook up” with one girl and several of her female friends at the same time. Women talk among each other and they will find you out and blacklist you when they do.


Network. Try to make as many friends as possible to increase your popularity on the network. Your profile shouldn’t just say that you’re looking to meet girls. Contribute, share and post regularly.

Research. Start searching by going through your friends list of friends to see if there is anyone there that you might be interested in. Use the friend finder to make this easy.

Keep it local. Unless you plan to travel try searching for girls in your local area. The friend finder feature in Facebook also makes this easy to do.

Gather information. Get to know the girl you’re interested in by reading what she wrote on her info page. You should also go over her wall to review her posts, see how she interacts with friends and even see how active she is on Facebook. It makes no sense trying to pick up a girl on Facebook who just has a profile but is never there.

Be thoughtful. Make intelligent and thoughtful comments on her post and pictures once she has accepted your friend request. Be moderate here and don’t comment on every post she makes. That is just creepy. An action as simple as liking a few of her pictures or posts can pay off in the end.

Closing the Deal – You have found a girl for sex or a date, now what?

After you have commented on and liked a few of her posts and pictures you can be almost certain that she has checked out your profile. Now that she has an idea of who you are you can take things to another level. Fortunately Facebook has a few tools for making more personal contact.

Poke Her: Yes, that is right. Poke her!!! Poking is literally just poking but even so it says a lot. Go to the profile page and find the poke option by using the drop down arrow next to the message tab just below the cover photo. Once you poke wait until she pokes back before poking again. If she does then you can take that as an invitation to proceed to the next step.

Message Her: Your approach here decides whether or not you will move forward with this girl. Rather than immediately hitting on her (something that would turn off most girls) you can use a neutral conversation starter. Start by making an observation about her or by asking her opinion about something. This is where taking the time to learn as much as you can about her pays off. You can say something like “I see you’re really into XXX. My sister loves the same thing I want purchase something along that line for her what do you recommend?” Your message should be one that encourages conversation. Be casual and whatever you do, don’t lie! After messaging for some time she might ask you to join her via chat or you could suggest it.

Chat Her: Chat makes it possible to get instant replies in a one on one conversation with the girl you’re trying to pick up on Facebook. If she accepts your invitation to chat and does it often then you can be almost certain that she is interested in you. Chat about things that interest you both. Compliment her and don’t be crude unless she wants you to be. Be available but don’t lose sight of your goal because you can easily be assigned to the “friend zone.” Once you think she is comfortable with you ask for her number if she did not provide it.

Armed with her number you can now take the next step and speak to her in person. Ask her to meet up but be mindful, women are usually cautious about meeting men they find online. Don’t be jerk once you meet. You need to be the same courteous man that she met online and once you both defined what you’re looking for during all those online conversations it should be relatively smooth sailing from there. Now that you know how to pickup girls on Facebook go out and find the girl of your dreams.

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