Need Help Finding a Sexting Partner?

How to Find Sexting Partners Online

What is Sexting
Sexting refers to the act of sending sexually explicit text messages or photo messages through cell phones or other mobil devices. The term ‘sexting’ was dubbed by the Sunday Telegraph Magazine in an article published in 2005.

Everyone has heard of phone sex. For many sexting is the natural progression of digital, or technology-based, sex experiences. It allows cell phone users to communicate love messages, explicit pictures and other sexual content discretely from any location with cell phone reception or access to the internet.


Who Sexts?

Since the term was dubbed nearly eight years ago, its use has rapidly expanded; gaining international traction, the phrase sexting is now used by people from areas of the world. Sexting is particularly popular in technologically advanced countries such as the United State, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

It’s not just teenagers and youth who engage in sexting. Individuals from all adult age groups are actively sexing one another.

Some Stats on Sexting
Have electronically transmitted messages containing photos of themselves either nude or semi-nude.

20% Teenagers (ages 13 to 20)
33% Young Adults (ages 20 to 26)

Additionally, 39% of teens and 59% of young adults had sent sexually explicit text messages.[5] A sociologist at Colorado College interviewed 80 students and believes this claim is overblown; she claims “I had them go through their last ten messages, their last ten photos and I never saw it.”

Where to Find Sexting Partners on the Internet

Using Casual Sex Sites to Find Sexting Friends

The truth is that, for the most part, you’ll find sexting friends in the same places on the internet that you go to for real sex partners. These websites might fairly be viewed as hardcore dating websites, where men and women become members of the website to find sex more often than to find a long term partner or companion. Adults Friend Finder, Get It On, and are all examples of these “hardcore dating sites”.

Finding Sexting Friends with Matchmaking Websites

Websites like,, and are another place internet users can turn to in their search for sexting friends on the internet. Many people searching for sexing partners online have found success on a dating or matchmaking website like those mentioned above.

Once registered for such a website be simple, honest and polite in creating your profile and communicating with members that you’re interested in.

Using Social Media to Find Sexting Partners

Another popular way to find a sexting friend on the internet is to utilize the accessibility that social media gives you to connecting with members of the opposite sex. and are the big two being used to find sexting parters, the former affording more success than the latter.

One strategy for locating people who are interested in sexting on Twitter is with the use of hash tags like #sexting.

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