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Need Help Finding a Sexting Partner?

How to Find Sexting Partners Online

What is Sexting
Sexting refers to the act of sending sexually explicit text messages or photo messages through cell phones or other mobil devices. The term ‘sexting’ was dubbed by the Sunday Telegraph Magazine in an article published in 2005.

Everyone has heard of phone sex. For many sexting is the natural progression of digital, or technology-based, sex experiences. It allows cell phone users to communicate love messages, explicit pictures and other sexual content discretely from any location with cell phone reception or access to the internet.


Who Sexts?

Since the term was dubbed nearly eight years ago, its use has rapidly expanded; gaining international traction, the phrase sexting is now used by people from areas of the world. Sexting is particularly popular in technologically advanced countries such as the United State, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

It’s not just teenagers and youth who engage in sexting. Individuals from all adult age groups are actively sexing one another.

Some Stats on Sexting
Have electronically transmitted messages containing photos of themselves either nude or semi-nude.

20% Teenagers (ages 13 to 20)
33% Young Adults (ages 20 to 26)

Additionally, 39% of teens and 59% of young adults had sent sexually explicit text messages.[5] A sociologist at Colorado College interviewed 80 students and believes this claim is overblown; she claims “I had them go through their last ten messages, their last ten photos and I never saw it.”

Where to Find Sexting Partners on the Internet

Using Casual Sex Sites to Find Sexting Friends

The truth is that, for the most part, you’ll find sexting friends in the same places on the internet that you go to for real sex partners. These websites might fairly be viewed as hardcore dating websites, where men and women become members of the website to find sex more often than to find a long term partner or companion. Adults Friend Finder, Get It On, and are all examples of these “hardcore dating sites”.

Finding Sexting Friends with Matchmaking Websites

Websites like,, and are another place internet users can turn to in their search for sexting friends on the internet. Many people searching for sexing partners online have found success on a dating or matchmaking website like those mentioned above.

Once registered for such a website be simple, honest and polite in creating your profile and communicating with members that you’re interested in.

Using Social Media to Find Sexting Partners

Another popular way to find a sexting friend on the internet is to utilize the accessibility that social media gives you to connecting with members of the opposite sex. and are the big two being used to find sexting parters, the former affording more success than the latter.

One strategy for locating people who are interested in sexting on Twitter is with the use of hash tags like #sexting.

How to Find Girls on Facebook

How To Pick Up Girls On Facebook

The internet is a great place to find love and sex and I’m not the only one saying it. A recent study revealed that almost 40% of single people have a profile on an internet dating site. As much as 17% of online daters admitted to finding their long term love online. and other leading dating sites boast millions of paying members and this billion dollar industry is showing no signs of slowing down.

Find Girls on Facebook

The bottom line is that you can indeed find the girl of your dreams or even find girls to have sex with online but if you’re unwilling to pay membership fees on a major site you can still use sites like Facebook to pick up girls. Why Facebook? We’ll we all know sites like and make it easy to find a girl or sexual partner, but what makes Facebook a good place to find a girl? Think about it for a moment. Facebook has over 750 million registered and active users. Just about every girl that you would ever want to meet would have a profile on Facebook. Apart from that Facebook is also free and of course there are a lot of advantages to free. Without further ado let’s delve into this guide on how to pick up girls on Facebook. I must mention that the guide assumes that you already have an active account and at least a few friends on that profile.

Find Girls on Facebook

Your Profile: Getting It Right

The goal of your profile is to bring attention to your best qualities while making light of the not so good ones. You should not have anything on your profile that would potentially turn a woman off. Here are some do’s and don’ts for your profile.

Facebook Profile Pic












Use cheesy lines or crude jokes. Women find these distasteful and while some men do get away with these in the club they will not work online.

Tell lies. The truth of the matter is that verifying the information that you place on your profile is easier than you think so always be truthful.

Don’t include your relationship status. It adds a bit of mystery to your profile. If a girl is interested she’ll ask and you’ll immediately know that she’s showing interest when she does.

Be obvious. It’s true that you’re looking to pick up girls on Facebook but you don’t need to make that obvious to everyone. Keep your phone number and intentions off your profile.


Accurately represent yourself. Any pictures that you use as profile pictures should be current. Do not use pictures to represent yourself as you looked ten years ago or when you were 20 pounds lighter.

Provide information about yourself in the about tab. Be real and include things that are interesting and unique. Remember that the type of information that you include will determine the type of women you attract.

Remove any pictures that are incriminating. Did your friends tag in photos where you look like a player? Remove excessive pictures of other females from your albums unless they are family that you have identified in the description.

Clean up your friend list if all you have are half naked female friends. This is self explanatory. Make sure your friend list has more reputable than suspect friends.

Post pictures of yourself that show you doing what you love most. Pictures of you enjoying a hobby, hanging with family or at work are all great ideas.

Finding a girl for sex or a date on Facebook can be easy, but you need to make sure you have a good profile picture and good pictures that represent who you really are.

Finding The Girl and Reaching Out

Facebook Friend Finder

Chances are you already have an idea of the girl that you want to meet on Facebook. It might be the girl who works in your building or the cashier at the supermarket. Or perhaps you have no one in mind and just need to know how to pick up girls on Facebook because you’re flat out tired of not scoring at the local clubs. Whatever your situation you need to find a way to reach out and make contact. Here are some do’s and don’ts for getting it right.


Send Friend Requests randomly. Improve your chances of having your request accepted by first “friending” one of her friends. This way she’ll see that you have a few friends in common and will be more likely to accept your request.

Be forward. Don’t jump the gun by sending her a message right away and definitely do not ask for her phone number right away. Sure you’re trying to “pick up” but this should not be the first thing on your agenda.

Be a jerk. It’s tacky to try to “hook up” with one girl and several of her female friends at the same time. Women talk among each other and they will find you out and blacklist you when they do.


Network. Try to make as many friends as possible to increase your popularity on the network. Your profile shouldn’t just say that you’re looking to meet girls. Contribute, share and post regularly.

Research. Start searching by going through your friends list of friends to see if there is anyone there that you might be interested in. Use the friend finder to make this easy.

Keep it local. Unless you plan to travel try searching for girls in your local area. The friend finder feature in Facebook also makes this easy to do.

Gather information. Get to know the girl you’re interested in by reading what she wrote on her info page. You should also go over her wall to review her posts, see how she interacts with friends and even see how active she is on Facebook. It makes no sense trying to pick up a girl on Facebook who just has a profile but is never there.

Be thoughtful. Make intelligent and thoughtful comments on her post and pictures once she has accepted your friend request. Be moderate here and don’t comment on every post she makes. That is just creepy. An action as simple as liking a few of her pictures or posts can pay off in the end.

Closing the Deal – You have found a girl for sex or a date, now what?

After you have commented on and liked a few of her posts and pictures you can be almost certain that she has checked out your profile. Now that she has an idea of who you are you can take things to another level. Fortunately Facebook has a few tools for making more personal contact.

Poke Her: Yes, that is right. Poke her!!! Poking is literally just poking but even so it says a lot. Go to the profile page and find the poke option by using the drop down arrow next to the message tab just below the cover photo. Once you poke wait until she pokes back before poking again. If she does then you can take that as an invitation to proceed to the next step.

Message Her: Your approach here decides whether or not you will move forward with this girl. Rather than immediately hitting on her (something that would turn off most girls) you can use a neutral conversation starter. Start by making an observation about her or by asking her opinion about something. This is where taking the time to learn as much as you can about her pays off. You can say something like “I see you’re really into XXX. My sister loves the same thing I want purchase something along that line for her what do you recommend?” Your message should be one that encourages conversation. Be casual and whatever you do, don’t lie! After messaging for some time she might ask you to join her via chat or you could suggest it.

Chat Her: Chat makes it possible to get instant replies in a one on one conversation with the girl you’re trying to pick up on Facebook. If she accepts your invitation to chat and does it often then you can be almost certain that she is interested in you. Chat about things that interest you both. Compliment her and don’t be crude unless she wants you to be. Be available but don’t lose sight of your goal because you can easily be assigned to the “friend zone.” Once you think she is comfortable with you ask for her number if she did not provide it.

Armed with her number you can now take the next step and speak to her in person. Ask her to meet up but be mindful, women are usually cautious about meeting men they find online. Don’t be jerk once you meet. You need to be the same courteous man that she met online and once you both defined what you’re looking for during all those online conversations it should be relatively smooth sailing from there. Now that you know how to pickup girls on Facebook go out and find the girl of your dreams.

How to Find Sex on Twitter

Find Sex on Twitter

Even if you’re fairly tech savvey and know how to navigate the major social network sites like Twitter or MySpace, as one might expect it’s still be tricky to meet girls and get laid using Nonetheless it’s happening everyday; and at a more frequant rate each day at that; people are finding ways, creating codes and hashtags with hidden meanings to meet girls or guys on craigslist for sex. or need of sex? geared at getting people together to get laid. There are a few well practiced strategies used to get sex on twitter, however, and to the surprise of many, these tricks and tools might as well be bait, reeling in catch after catch.

Finding sex on Twitter it is difficult if you don’t know where to begin. Luckily for you, we’re going to help you here. Don’t just read the article below looking for ways to get free sex on, absorb the information, practice the techniques, live and breath the lifestyle; and before long, you’ll be getting free sex on Twitter likes its your second job.

How to Meet Sex Partners on Twitter

Use Social Searches to Find Sex on Twitter

Find Prosepcts with Social Search websites that gather information about twitter users. There are a number of free social media tools that allow for more indepth insight into the accounts or tweets of other users. These advanged search tools can help you find people looking for sex in your local area. With the most obvious of these tools is what has been dubbed the social search. There is no particular website that is the social search, instead a handfull of websites have similar advanced twitter searches that give you information on users, trends or topics on Twitter. The types of things you can find conducting a social search on a site like is often they type of information that can get you laid using social media.

Search for Sex on Twitter

Twitter offers its own search, which is useful to see what people are currently talking about. I prefer, which allows you to more easily track topics or users on twitter more extensively.  To find sex on Twitter using Topsy set up alerts by email or RSS for terms like “meet for sex”, #fuckbuddy, or “find sex partner”.  Every time a user uses one of these terms in his or her tweet, you’ll be receive an alert.  This allows you to be the first to know if people in your local area are searching for sex so that you’ll have the first opportunity to engage your hopeful sex partner on twitter.

If you’re thinking to yourself that this kind of sounds like cyber-stocking, you’re probably right! But there’s nothing wrong with searching for likeminded individuals on twitter or other social sites for sex. Plus every team in the league is using Twitter to find sex, so it can hardly be considered preditorial. It’s simply yet another simplification brought to us by modern technology; a way we can arrange for free sex on twitter!

Make use of Hashtags and the @ symbol

Using Hashtags can be one of the best ways to find like minded individuals on Twitter to meet with for a sexual encounter. Set RSS alerts for sexually inviting hashtags like #FindSex#MeetforSex, or even #isuckdick, etc.   Equally as effective as keeping a tab on hot hashtags is using the @ symbol is a good way to directly get the attention of the tweeter you hope to meet and sleep with.  In effect, using @username in a tweet, mentions that twitter in your public feed, serving to call him or her out.

Combine all the advice above and you have yourself a full proof strategy for getting sex on Twitter.  To recap, first use social searches to find someone with similar interests, or someone looking for sex that you’re interested in, see what they talk about; learn their likes and dislikes.  All this can be done using free social searches.  Once you’ve picked out a couple hotties and taken the time to search the social stratosphere to find what they’re into, and have a hung of how you’ll seduce them, it’s time to break out the sex incising hashtags and @ symbol.  Combine these two techniques and you’ll be making a clear call for sex to your potential twitter mate.

Profile Pictures

This is your one and only chance to make a stunning first impression. So give it all you’ve got! The right profile pic can go an enourmous way in meeting a sex partner on twitter, so make sure it’s a current photo that you look good in.

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How to Find Sex on Craigslist

Get Sex on Craigslist

If you stumbled across this page, chances are you’re looking to find a sexual partner and probably looking to find a sexual partner on craigslist.  Everyone knows you can get sex on sites like, but below we have outlined how to actually find a sexual relationship on craigslist and avoid the pitfalls, misconceptions and scammers that go with the casual encounters craigslist page.

As an experienced craigslist sexual veteran I will walk you through the steps of how to find a real sexual experience on craigslist.

We have all heard the stories, a friend of a friend who found a hot woman on craigslist and had a romantic casual sexual experience with her.  Then there are the stories of undercover police posing as prostitutes to lure men in and arrest them.

So how do you navigate craigslist effectively to really find sex?  What do all the code words mean? What sections have real girls looking for sex?  How do you avoid getting in trouble with a prostitute on craigslist? How do you proposition woman, what do you say?  We have done the research, tested the waters and answered all your questions.

Where to Start?

Step 1 of finding sex on craigslist is going to be going straight for the personals section. You will find other bloggers and people who have “tested” craigslist for finding sex.  The problem that all these other posters make is they all put an ad on craigslist hoping to find sex.  To really find sex on craigslist you need to know how to browse craigslist and find the right ads. You need to know the craigslist language and what to look for.   If you follow my instructions you can find a sexual partner on craigslist.

Find Girls on Craigslist Personals


For first time users the personals section can be a bit intimidating.  There is the strictly platonic section, the women seeking woman, the woman seeking men, men seeking women, men seeking men, misc romance, casual encounters, missed connections and rants and raves. I won’t break down all of these sections as some of them are pretty self-explanatory, i.e. women seeking men, is a section for women seeking men, enough said. We will break down what happens inside these sections shortly. The strictly platonic section is typically the first section listed in the personals category.
The Strictly Platonic Section

Contrary to the name “Strictly Platonic” this can be one of the better sections on Craigslist to find sex in.  This is not the best section for finding A sex, but don’t pass it over as it does maintain possibilities.   In this section you will find the most “legitimate” woman.  Meaning you have a lower number of scammers and prostitutes posting in this section. Some of the women posting in this section are more reserved and looking to take things slower.   If you are looking for a one night stand, you can find it in the strictly platonic section, but you will have to do some digging.  Many people are not aware of the valuable –search- tool.  Using the search function you can narrow down the listings to people looking for more romantic relationships.  By simply placing the word, “romantic” in the search box you can quickly pull up all the listings with this text in it.   Instead of browsing through countless listings looking for sexual partners use the search feature to narrow down the listings.

Another must use tool in all the sections is the, “has image” feature.  This will allow you to filter out posts that have images.  Many people believe that there might be some benefit finding posters who don’t add pictures or that attractive woman wouldn’t put a picture up.  The truth is, there are tons of women posting on craigslist daily, there is no reason to sort through posts that don’t have pictures and waste your time on the off chance that you might find an attractive woman.  Go with the sure thing and use the “has image” search feature to find the attractive woman.

listings with images

Go through and copy and paste 50 emails of the most interesting looking profiles you find.  Past these emails into a word document so you can use them later (we will explain shortly).

The Misc Romance Section

This section can be one of the best sections to find sex in.  I only say it can be, because it is really hit or miss. You will either find a lot of great posts or you might find only one post.  A lot of this depends on what city you live in.  No matter what, this section is always worth looking at and exploring.  Below is a breakdown of the language you will see when you first enter the section.

W4M = Woman looking for men.

M4M = Men looking for men.

M4w  = Men looking for Woman

W4w = Woman looking for Woman

T4m  = Transgender looking for men

M4t = Men looking for transgender

If you are looking to find sex with a girl on craigslist you want to be looking in the W4M, this is woman looking for men.

The misc. romance section is a great section for finding potential sex partners.  People posting in this section are looking for exactly as the section describes.  Go through your sorted list of interesting woman and pull out the email address.  Copy and paste them into a word document.  We will expand on this shortly.

The Woman Seeking Men Section

Find Sex on Craigslist

The jackpot section at least that is what most people think!  This section is actually filled with the most scammers and prostitutes that you should avoid.  If you are looking to find prostitution on craigslist, we strongly advise against that.  There are countless cases of men and woman being arrested from craigslist sting operations.  Prostitution is illegal and should be avoided.  There is no need to pay for sex, when you can find genuine free sex right on craigslist.

Craigslist has beefed up their antispam program in the last few years, so there is much less spam and fake posts then there used to be, but you still need to watch out.  If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.  Same goes for if it looks too good to be true, well then it probably is.  Don’t ever send anyone gifts, money, or personal sensitive information without first meeting them.

Although this section contains the greatest number of scammers and prostitutes it also has the largest number of legitimate woman looking for sex.  Again, don’t mess with the posts that don’t have pictures.  Use the “Has image” search feature and pull up all the profiles of woman with pictures.  Now you start browsing through the profiles that interest you, grab the emails and save them into the same word document you have been working from.

Now How too Actually Find a Sexual Partner!

Step 1: Getting the bait

Once inside this section you will again want to use the “has image” search feature to narrow down the posts to woman have included some sort of photo.  Now here is the key to making this work.  Just like anything, this is a numbers game. Most people get caught up in reading the posts people write and trying to write individual messages to each person.  This is a time consuming process and will not produce results.  Instead, create one custom message that fits your personality.  Something witty and simple, don’t make it longer than two sentences and ask a question to generate a response. The key here is to keep it short and to the point.  Something like the below works well.

“Great profile and picture, we should meet up for a drink, what do you think?”

This is straight and to the point and asks a question to generate a response.  Believe it or not some of these girls are getting 100’s of emails.  They don’t want to read a paragraph about your grandma or why you are the perfect fit.  Give them something simple and easy for the first email.  You can expand on the second and third email. If you are searching for ideas on great intro emails for meeting woman you can find some on the Internet.  Just make sure not to put too much information in this intro email.  This is one of the biggest mistakes people make.

Step 2:  Craigslist Fishing

The more casts you make the more fish you will catch.  You take the above method and copy this message and start sending it off to every girl you is interested in on craigslist.  You should send roughly 30-50 emails, more if better.  It should only take you roughly 20 to 30 minutes to send 50 emails, you are using the copy and paste technique to send as many messages as possible.  If you are looking to make this work and looking for sex you need to make as many contacts as possible.  From 50 emails sent you should get 10-15 responses.  Many of the girls will ask for a picture or for more information.  This is good!  The key is to get them to interact with you, any response is a good response.

So at this point you have sent out 50 emails and have 10 to 15 responses. Begin to interact with this 10 girls.

Step 3: The Before Sex Meeting

Narrow them down to 5 to 7 that really interest you.  Request more pictures from them and be ready to send them pictures of yourself.  At this point you will want to set up a first date or meeting. I always recommend a happy hour for this, it allows for a few drinks to soften the mood and is early enough to not intimidate anyone, but late enough that things can still get interesting.

Set up 5 happy hour dates, I like to line them all up Monday through Friday, this way I am on a roll and don’t get too caught up or worried about any particular date.

On your dates be confident and secure, have a plan for after the happy hour, this is very important, don’t just show up to happy hour with no after plans.  Happy hour leads to dinner, which leads to a hotel or back to your house for sex.

Step 4: Close the deal

You have come this far.  It’s now time to close the deal, take the girl back to your house or a nice hotel (rather sleezy if you ask me), your house is always the best option.  Close the deal.  You just had sex with a girl from craigslist.  Yes it is that easy!

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Have an Affair

Tips to Find & Have an Affair

How to Have an Affair

Want to have sex with married women? Are you a horny housewife tired of being alone all day or a married man tired of the same, dull sexual routine? Married men and women are seeking extramarital affairs on a more frequent basis than ever. If you’re married and are looking to meet someone on the internet to have an affair with your not alone.

It can be difficult for married couples to keep things interesting in the sac. After the honeymoon and initial excitement of marriage dissipates, the sexual excitement married couples once felt for each other fades away, leaving one or both members of the relationship wanting to explore new, more thrilling sexual experiences.

Have an Affair

With the huge presence of social media, matchmaking sites and online personals, it’s never been easier for men and women involved in a relationship to pursue sexual relationships and cheat on their partner with strangers they’ve met on the web.  Because there’s often risk associated with with having an affair, men and women who are married or involved in a serious relationship have to take extra precautions when trying to find an affair.

Guidelines for Having an Affair

Below you’ll find a few tips on how to find an affair online without being caught by your significant other.

1. Clear Browser History
Make sure that you erase all search history from your internet browser on the computer you use to find an affair online.  This will eliminate any possibility of being caught a curious spouse that may check your computer history to see if you’ve been on a matchmaking or affair website.

2. Delete Emails
Erase all emails from secret lovers.  To take extra precaution, be sure not only to delete emails sent by your affair from your email, but also to permanently delete emails from the trash folder of your email.  Doing this will prevent private messages that you think you’ve erased from being discovered.

3. Leave No Paper Trace
Try not to write anything down that might arouse your husband or wives suspicion.  It’s easy to misplace notes, such as phone numbers or names, that are taken down on paper.  And all to often, misplaced notes that contain revealing information show up in place, and are found by the wrong people.

4. Use a Discrete Dating or Affairs Website
When looking for an affair on the internet, make sure to use a trusted website that is secure and confidential.  The last thing you want is unexpected solicitations from extramarital affair sites showing up in your home mailbox or an email address that is accessed by your spouse.

5. Meet in private
This should go without saying.  When meeting your affair for a date or sexual intercourse make sure that it is in a private place.  Avoid going on dates in public places like restaurants, parks or theaters.  When meeting your affair in a public place, you risk being seen by your spouse or someone else you know.

6. Rent a hotel room
When meeting your secret affair for sex, it’s always a good idea to rent a hotel room.  To avoid being caught red-handed, in the act of lovemaking, make sure no sexual intercourse takes place at your home or the home of your affair.  Take extra precation by never allowing your affair to know where you reside.

7. Erase text messages and phone records
This goes along with erasing emails from your affair and doing away with all paper traces that might lead your husband or wife to discover that you’re having an affair.  Finding sexting partners online can be a good way to meet other adults that are interested in a strictly sexual relationship with no strings attached, but it also provides a way for your spouse to catch you seeking a sexual affair.  For this reason, if you’re going to text sexually explicit messages or images to your extramarital sex partner, it’s crucial to delete all text messages and phone calls to and from them.  However, leave records of calls and text messages from callers other than your affair.  This way your husband or wife will not question why you erased all the records from your phones history.

8. Never reveal your true identity
It seems strange for many to keep their name secret from someone their having sexual relations with, even if it is an affair.  But keeping your real name from your affair can go a long way in remaining stealth while cheating on a husband or wife.  This is especially true for cases in which the person you have an affair with grows attached to you or even falls in love with you.

9. Don’t tell a sole
Keep your affair a secret from everyone.  The importance of secrecy to a successful extramarital affair cannot be overstressed.  Word of mouth travels fast and juicy secrets like an affair have a way of getting out.

10. Have a good alibi
Just in case your husband or wife becomes suspicious of your whereabouts, or begins to suspect that you may be having an affair, be sure to have a good alibi for where you where and what you were doing during the dates and times you meet with or spoke to your affair.  A good alibi is one that will check out if your husband or wife questions it.

Use cation when using the internet to find an affair and keep in mind the ten tips above to assist you in remaining stealth throughout the process of cheating on your significant other.

Facebook Poke

Where to Find Sex on the Internet

How to Find Sex on the Internet

Navigating the web to meet men or women on the internet for sexual encounters can be cumbersome for those not experienced in searching for sex online. There are hundreds of thousands of websites devoted do matchmaking, dating or finding nearby strangers for sex. You might think this would make it easier to find sex on the internet, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, the large amount of sex, dating and matchmaking sites can actually make it much more.

Where to Find Sex On the Internet

One reason for this is that people have different sexual prefferences and are looking for different types of relationships online, and most internet dating websites target individuals sharing a certain set of similar sexual preferences, or people seeking the same sexual experience.

Because of this it’s important to be familiar with your own sexual preferences and know exactly what type of sexual encounter your looking for online. Below we’ve highlihgted some popular categories to get you on your way to finding free sex online!

Find Sex Online

These are just a few of the huge variety of niche areas catered to by sex date and online matchmaking websites. Narrowing your search down to one of the above categories, or one similar to those listed above will greatly facilitate your search for sex online.

Once you find a good niche site to find the type of sex you’re into, you’ll need to know how to find sexual partners on that particular website. When searching a dating or website for strangers to have sex with, you should keep an eye out for traits that you find appealing in a sex partner and use advanced search features to narrow your search results down to the sex, age group, race/nationality, body type, ect, that you’re into.