25[M4M] Casual

Hi, I’m looking to meet a guy for something casual and maybe an ongoing FWB. I’m dark-haired, 5’8″, average looks. I’m open as to what I like, from thin to husky, hairy to not. PM me and we can chat. Guys that are curious or maybe bi, or just manlier than me, are a plus to me. I don’t have a whole lot of experience so we can try things together. I’d like a relaxed, casual experience. Thanks for reading, and let me know if someone’s interested.

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Massage video model wanted – 58

I am working on making a massage video of tricks and techniques I use in my massage practice
I am looking for a female model who would be interested in doing this. I have had a good response to this, alot of spam, some real people, mostly just curious. If you are looking for pay, name a rate, I either will or won’t, it depends on your sincerity and help
It is all legit work, I use draping
Looking for average looking, average body, in need of massage work
I can compensate with massage work.